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17 September

Get more with Cold Pressed Juice Featured

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The name World Juice Bar says it all, but did you know that we now offer cold pressed juice? This month we are rolling out a new menu to include cold pressed juices to help with your liquid needs.

Customers Want Juice

Since our grand opening last year, we have had many requests for juice especially for buyers that are interested in the many beneifits of plant based foods. The common term "drink your greens" is just not a fad as the health conscious are looking for simple ways to drink on the go. For newbies, documentaries like "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" have revitalized the health revolution and increasing interests in a different type of alternative meal.

Why Cold Pressed Juice

Our bar is conveniently located in a market, so we have access to a variety of delicous greens and colorful fruits. In face we can juice on the spot providing you a fresh drink anytime. The new drink link is based on the cold presssed juice style to produce a premium juice that tastes like no other. Using a two step system, produce will be shredded into a pulp and then pressed using several tons of pressure. The juice produced from this method is smooth and provides a greater yield compared to other juicing techniques. 

How to Order

Now for the fun part, we do all of the work including washing, slicing, pressing, and cleaning!

Customers will be able to order these online in packs of 6 or individually with a 24 hour turn around.

Check our Cold Pressed Juice menu for more inforrmation.

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