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Inside H Mart International Market | 5036 W. 92nd Ave, Westminster CO 80031

About Us

We are so excited that you found us. The World Juice Bar is a family owned business that serves mobile beverages and food. Our specialties include fresh fruit smoothies, coffee drinks, and more. We are passionate about our menu which is made of healthy and delicious foods using the best ingredients. From working the festivals to our new food truck, we invite you to learn more about our journey. 

The Trend

The specialty drink industry was booming with the help of industry giants such as Starbucks and Jamba Juice who made the gourmet coffee drink and smoothie a part of our regular diets. Climbing sales showed that consumers wanted alternatives to soda and over processed juices.  Combining this trend with our love for gourmet drinks, we thought of starting a business that would be new, easy and the best of all fun! 

How we started

It all started from attending festivals regularly and dreaming about how much money could be made within a short period of time.  We realized that we could do it too and knew that we could offer better tasting products as well.  The next steps were to research on how to start a concession business. 

What we found was that there was a disparity of foods within certain communities and events.  With the lack of variety and the proliferation of fast food chains, healthy food options were virtually non-existent. This validated our product choice and the World Juice Bar was born.

World Juice Bar Mission

We are a product of our environment and we live in a world of different cultures who survived off the land eating foods for all purposes including taste, nutrition, and health. Regardless of your location or status, the mission of the World Juice Bar is to help you taste the flavors of the world.


Contact Information

World Juice Bar

H-Mart at Northview Mall 

5036 W. 92nd Ave.

Westminster, CO 80031



About Us

We are a retail store and food truck that serves frozen and cold beverage drinks at happenings and events. As beverage enthusiasts, the World Juice Bar owners provides its customers with refreshing drinks that are exceptional in flavor and taste.